In addition to Jordan’s pair of shoes, NBA there are so many wear ban!

In order to standardize the management, the NBA has issued a variety of bans, many equipment are not allowed to be brought to the NBA stadium. Some rules are for the fair competition, while others are for commercial interests, and the ban is to make the NBA appear more unified.

What to do in the NBA to consider all aspects of the interests of the Union for this is also broken heart. Shoes, tights, hip-hop style equipment, and even muscle stickers have been banned by the NBA, which is what reason?

Color too individual of the Air Jordan 1

This year, Jordan released the “ban on” series of shoes (Air Jordan 1 Retro “Banned”). Although many people come up with some evidence to prove that the ban is not the Air Jordan 1 but Air Ship, but Jordan was a shoe was banned at that time is a fact.

At that time, when the NBA executive vice president of Las – Gran Nick issued a letter to Nike, the content is: from October 18, 1984 began to ban Jordan in the NBA game wearing red and black color Nike basketball shoes. According to the situation at the time the Bulls, all players wear shoes must be at least 51% is white, Jordan this is too personal air jordan 11 gym red shoes is the eyes of NBA executives “ban”. Nike on September 15 to create a revolutionary new shoes so in the NBA game “died” the.

APL “spring shoes”

Athletic Propulsion Lab, referred to as APL, in the shoes or a young brand. But they made a big news five years ago.

Union at the time issued a ban, 2010-11 season, forbidden players to wear this shoe appeared in the game. The league believes that the players put on this pair of shoes means unfair competition. And the shoes because of the color of the ban was different, APL was banned because the brand launched Athletic Propulsion Lab’s Concept 1 can increase the player’s bounce height. According to NBA rules, players can not wear the kind of unfair competition shoes to participate in the game.

However, APL clever use of this to promote their shoes, there is no more than the NBA ban to prove that this pair of gym red 11s shoes jumping amazing, the league invisible to the new brand did not play a small ad.

Down wearing a hair band

Set foot on the track, the team are wearing the same style of clothing, how can we make their own stand out in the image? On this issue, Rajon Rondo was “witty” a while – in 2010, when the effectiveness of the Celtics Rondo sweat with the hair band to put over the head. This is very personal, but also attracted the attention of the league’s high-level. Fell on the hair with the same time will let the NBA logo is reversed, then the league asked Rondo to sweat with a good belt, but Rondo’s choice is not with. It seems that Rondo’s purpose is to attract everyone to pay attention to him.

Black mask

In the 2014 Heat and Thunder game, James was dunk when Ibaraka hit the door, resulting in nose injury. In the truce after the battle with the Bulls, James in the game against the Knicks comeback. Many players will be like Hamilton as a transparent mask on the color, but James painted the color deeper. That game, he put on a black mask, the whole game 19 vote 13 scored a game-high 31 points, in addition to 4 rebounds and 4 assists.

Bryant also wore a dark mask in 2012. Although wearing that black mask will make James feel more comfortable, but the provisions of the provisions. After the game James are wearing a transparent mask, and that black mask among the fans has become a fashion. Battier is praised, the nose was broken wearing a mask is also so cool, also James a bar.

With the logo of the hair

In 2013, when the effectiveness of the Knicks’ Iman – Schumpeter in their hair to start an article. In order to support Adidas, Schumpeter to Adi’s logo on the hair, which immediately aroused the concern of the Union. This aspect of the Union has long been stipulated that the players can implant the commercial elements of the place only their own shoes, other places are not allowed to advertise casually. Of course, at this point, the NBA players and now in the CBA players compared to the domestic players have been very happy.

With a hip hop wind scarf

Iverson’s arrival makes the hip-hop wind blowing. In 2005, David – Stern finally sit still, and he made mandatory clothing requirements of the players, which makes the NBA has become a world-class large alliance in the first restricted players dressed in the league The However, Iverson has reservations about the league ‘s ban: “A man wearing a tuxedo is not necessarily a good man.

Timberland style boots

Similar to the scarf, Timberland-style shoes are the victims of the Stern dress policy. Although Stern said they only unified in the NBA this level of clothing, but this is still limited some of the elements of personalization.

The same time as

Retro jersey

In the NBA there is such a provision, whether in the field or field, the players can not wear retro gym red 11. Even to pay tribute to predecessors, active players can not wear retro jerseys.

Chain and pendant

On October 19, 2005, Steven Jackson, who played for the Pacers, was wearing four thick necklaces at the Spurs’ show. Jackson was intentional that he did so in order to protest the NBA rules for uniform dress, and he felt that the rule was aimed at blacks. But Jackson is just in this game so dress up so that everyone knows he was very angry, then he still obediently wear back suit. He believes that the league really needs to look more professional, because the NBA is a business, but if forced by the dress to attack the black hip-hop culture, it should protest.

Well-known star Tim – Duncan was uniform for the issue of dress there are a pile of Tucao, his views on this matter with the words now sum is: MDZZ.

Tight pantyhose

Every season in the NBA is only a regular season to play 82 games, to maintain good health is particularly important for the players. Many players will choose to wear jordan 11 gym red to prevent muscle strain, but the Union has been in the short term to prohibit this behavior, because the NBA executives think the players wear tights more is to look more handsome. But the medical institutions to prove that wearing tights can really avoid injury, this ban was canceled, the players also benefit from it.

Intramuscular patch

The league has banned Derek – Rose close to the muscle effect posted on the game. But with tights similar to the tonic, intramuscular patch is also proved by the medical institutions is good for the health of the players.

With an insult to James text clothing

James from the Cavaliers to turn the Heat caused the Cleveland fans dissatisfaction, and the Cavaliers team up and down are taut nerves, to prevent the fans in the stadium wearing an insult to James inscription clothing. Knight side for this behavior zero tolerance attitude, worthy of our praise.


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