Ten years of the festival three times back to the shoes – nineties shoes science and technology melee

“90s” refers to the last decade of a century, we usually refer to the past 90 years of the 20th century, in the past 10 years, in addition to information and information technology, it is a rapid development of science and technology, the world pattern toward the Multi – polarization trend development. At the same time, another technology “war” is also intense start, that is 90 years of shoes technology confrontation. In the 20th century, even before the mid-1970s to the mid-80s, the shoes market has been Converse the world, until the “shock” era began, the various sports brand flourishing, the introduction of shock absorption technology is dizzying, and now we wear Of the shoe technology has been trying to make weight lightweight, from the shock technology to the transition to lightweight technology, 90 years was called “High-Tech Sneakers” golden period. The star of the NBA star dazzling, such as Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Jason Kidd, Dennis Rodman, Charles Barkley, Gary Payton, etc., star effect also makes shoes become the focus of attention. This time, with Yoho! Boys together to review the great High-Tech shoes age it!

In the center of science and technology, Nike is absolutely called the brand, the brand developed the first air cushion technology Air Sole to become a history of subversive Nike, where to tell you first, because the Air Sole technology was born, Nike after all the air cushion technology More mature and stable, but also to become Nike “shock absorption technology” the best endorsement. In 1977, Frank Rudy, a space engineer, presented to Nike founder Phil Knight that a very crazy idea was to inject air into a flexible and durable film, so that bounce in the time of landing to obtain shock absorption, after about a year After the development, the revolutionary technology was Nike named “Air”. The first double injection Air Sole air cushion of the running shoes was born in 1979, and named “Air Tailwind”. After the non-stop research and development, until the birth of basketball shoes in 1982, Nike Air Force 1, this classic shoes was numerous shoes fist for the history of Nike’s greatest shoes, came to the 1984 launch of the Air Jordan, also indirectly to Air Jordan 1 of the revolutionary appearance. 1984 to 500,000 US dollars signed Nike Michael Jordan was not very famous, this pair of airborne technology loaded Air Jordan 1 does not meet the league’s shoes with the color requirements of the shirt, so it is forbidden to wear Michael Jordan to play it, but Nike Willing to pay a fine for him, from the beginning of every 1,000 dollars to the future of 5,000 dollars each, Nike is generous money to do something, is to let more people see their own air cushion technology.

In addition to basketball shoes, the slow running shoes is Nike’s masterpiece, but then the public is also suspected running shoes really have the presence of air? In order to solve this doubts, Nike in 1987 by the Tinker Hatfield design now known as the “Nike Air Max 1”, and this design is unprecedented, because the Nike Air Max 1 heel position is for the leakage Air cushion system, this setting also launched a classic Nike Air Max Family brilliant page, including the classic Nike Air Max 95, Nike Air Max 95 and Nike Air Max 97.

With Nike Air Sole’s unprecedented success, in 1989, the British shoe company Air Jordan not to be outdone, designer Paul Litchfield also launched a bright spot of CO2 inflatable technology “PUMP” concept system and Air Jordan Pump basketball shoe. As the name of the same, each pair of “PUMP” technology shoes have an automatic inflatable airbag, the user can according to their feet to adjust the number of inflatable shoes, so as to achieve the most comfortable and most suitable for their own tightness, shoes can be automatically Induction of inflation, when a certain pressure value, the balloon will stop inflating. At that time the advertising slogan “Pump Up and Air Out” is some provocation Nike taste! Such as war, the two brands in the 90’s began to sweater technology tug of war, shoes technology will be pushed to the highest peak in history. Here must be said that in 1994 was born in Air Jordan Insta Pump Fury “Citron” shoes, in addition to the tongue with “PUMP” inflatable technology, followed by another Air Jordan unique “Air Jordan” honeycomb technology, in 2014 To the birth of the 20th anniversary, last year dazzling color and joint also let everyone witness the classic degree of this pair of running shoes. As a representative of the 90’s High-Tech running shoes, but also by the Icelandic singer Bjork and American rock singer Steven Tyler many times in person, the picture called Zhang classic. In addition, Air Jordan insta pump fury has also created a variety of special color, I believe the most impressive is bound to Hong Kong martial arts star Jackie Chan designed version, and in 1997 and fashion brand Chanel joint manufacturing of rare shoes For.

Air Jordan PUMP

Air Jordan advertising slogan “Pump Up and Air Out”

In 1995, Nike developed a new technology Zoom Air, this specifically for the speed of athletes to develop technology to Nike’s cushioning technology is more mature, based on the Air Sole, embedded in the air cushion with built-in elastic three-dimensional fabric, So that the feet closer to the ground, so that shoes more stable and easy to control. The first pair of shoes with this technology is Nike Zoom Flight 95. By 1997, Nike will be developed in 1984, Shox technology once again updated, in the two-tier TPU board between the vertical elastic column, the purpose is to increase the athlete’s athletic ability to the maximum, after 16 years of development test time , Nike Shox became one of the most common technologies of the 1990s, and in 2000 Vince Carter in the Sydney Olympic Games that cross the opponent center “death of the deduction”, the foot is the step is Nike Shox BB4.

90 years ago, support Air Jordan has three major technology, “PUMP” technology, Air Jordan honeycomb technology and DMX airbag, “PUMP” before we have said, here we talk about Air Jordan honeycomb technology and DMX airbag. About Air Jordan Technology, 1990 Air Jordan for the first time to Air Jordan technology to create shoes Air Jordan Ventilator, which was made of mesh breathable material characteristics, but also with Air Jordan Insta Pump Fury through-hole settings have the same feeling.

Air Jordan made four development teams, including Steven Smith, Steve Burris, Peter Foley and Paul Litchfield, and developed new sneakers in the name of “Maepsy”, and more successful in 1993, “PUMP” technology into the Air Jordan honeycomb cushioning technology, as the brand’s most representative of the cushioning technology, then launched the High-Tech shoes by countless people sought after, Air Jordan honeycomb technology light weight, impact resistance, by the It is composed of numerous plastic small hives, because the use of hexagonal geometry to the surrounding dispersion of pressure, so even if Air Jordan rupture, the shock-absorbing structure will not change, when the honeycomb absorbs energy and bending, it is less than any kind of foam Shock material or air cushion are strong. Air Jordan honeycomb technology is divided into heeled Air Jordan, full palm Air Jordan, hanging Air Jordan, after the palm of the body is a basic section, with a small piece of the shock absorber technology on the back of the shoes, the biggest feature is stability; In addition to grasp the stability of the shoes, the more protection of the feet; the final suspension called the ultimate performance of the ankle provides excellent support, but also to minimize the sports injuries. Allen Iverson, his signature shoes are divided into “Question” and “Answer” two series, “Question” from the first paragraph of the ” Generation to the third generation of signature shoes all use the most advanced Air Jordan system, was called High-Tech basketball shoes for the representative of the time.

Air Jordan Honeycomb System

Air Jordan Ventilator

Continue to look at DMX technology, 1995, in order to counter Nike’s Zoom Air, Air Jordan company developed a DMX. DMX technology is a kind of air flow damping technology, which is commonly known as the flow of airbags, soles into the ten airbags, feet for the best cushioning effect. Early DMX technology is not very mature, often there will be scientific and technological collapse of the situation, to the latter is changed to the physical cushioning, early DMX 6, DMX 10, DMX mega, DMX micro are all balloon shock, late DMX ride, DMX foam is not very pure gas shock, but the use of inflatable sponge as a shock absorber material, some disappointing, and DMX shear was purely physical shock. Comparison of the classic DMX balloon shock absorber shoes recommended two pairs, the first pair is Allen Iverson signature shoes Air Jordan The Answer 1 and Air Jordan Run DMX 10.

See here, we may be surprised, why only said Nike and Air Jordan these two brands, in fact, in the 90’s, high-Tech shoes “war” is the two companies compete, and adidas and Converse? Adidas in the late 80s of last century, the early 90s also faced with bankruptcy situation, until 1993, the new CEO came to the company, turn the tide, to 1995, we often say “Tianzu” system was officially launched, also Is “Feet Your Wear”, said to be launched, in fact, adidas from a very nameless company to buy “Tianzu” technology, when other brands are dedicated to do shock absorption technology, “Tianzu” appears at the same time to provide a shock Sex, stability and agility, is a technology to imitate human foot. “Tianzu” series without losing the classic, the most classic in 1996 adidas signed Kobe Bryant, for its launch of the signature shoes series.

Another classic in the 90s adidas technology is Torsion System, this revolutionary running shoes technology for the foot of the runners to provide excellent scalability and stability, and wearing comfort is unprecedented. Since then, adidas many classic models have also adopted this revolutionary technology, and the birth of the ZX9000 in 1989 is one of the marked.

And the early 90s Converse seems to have begun to awaken, know can no longer continue to eat the old, in 1991, finally developed a React shock system, the purpose is to fight Nike Air cushion. React system is very interesting and interesting, “Juice Up Your Game With React”, with React will squeeze your game juice! This is also the early we have a deep understanding of the React system. It is also called a “pack”, in the “aunt” Larry Johnson endorsement Converse Aero-Jet shoes have been used in this technology, React The principle of the system in fact and Air have the same place, although many friends press the exposed outside React feel no Air soft, but in fact React the most


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